Konstantin Gredeskoul

Konstantin Gredeskoul

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Konstantin's Bio

March 2023

Konstantin Gredeskoul is a veteran software engineer, whose career spans multiple decades and multiple continents. He received his degree in pure Mathematics from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, and joined one of the pioneering Australian consultancies, and worked on high profile projects such as National Rails freight tracking distributed messaging system.

After relocating to San Francisco, Konstantin led teams of a dozen startups, building distributed, scalable, fault tolerant software that often served a web-based front-end or, via an API, mobile applications.

Four times in a row, Konstantin served as a CTO and a technical manager, rolling up his sleeves when necessary, and working in the trenches: from writing system-level code in C/C++, to setting up PostgreSQL, Redis and HAProxy, he always approached these problems with enthusiasm and rigor, in the process often mentoring his team and ensuring that nobody was left behind.

Working and leading teams at companies such as Topica, ModCloth, Wanelo,, GoShippo, Coinbase, Fossa and HealthSherpa Konstantin always found time to contribute back to the open source, by committing PRs into existing projects (such as BASH-IT), writing his own open source components (over 40 ruby gems with nearly 100M downloads), or even CMAKE-project templates that are in heavy use today by hundreds of projects.

You can read his presentation on, and you can listen to his DJ-ing on and finally – you can listen to his original music composed and produced by Konstantin as part of the electronic act

And finally, Konstantin writes on his blog —, as well on

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bashmatic 106 Upravené tento týždeň

Optimized for humans, 500+ BASH functions for all walks of life. Über Toölkit for über geeks and UNIX command line power users.

simple-feed 327 Upravené pred 3 týždňami

This gem implements a flexible time-ordered activity feeds commonly used within social networking applications. As events occur, they are pushed into the Feed and distributed to all users that need to see the event. Upon the user visiting their "feed page", a pre-populated ordered list of events is returned by the library.

cmake-project-template 804 Upravené pred 3 mesiacmi

This project is aimed at jump-starting a C/C++ project that can build libraries, binaries and have a working unit test suite. It uses CMake build system and is deliberately completely minimal.

sym 136 Upravené pred 3 mesiacmi

Sym is a command line utility and a Ruby API that makes it trivial to encrypt and decrypt sensitive data. Unlike many other existing encryption tools, sym focuses on usability and streamlined interface (CLI), with the goal of making encryption easy and transparent. The result? There is no excuse for keeping your application secrets unencrypted :)

puma-daemon 31 Upravené pred 3 mesiacmi

Puma (starting version 5) removed automatic demonization from the gem itself. This functionality was extracted to this gem, which supports Puma v5 and v6.

laser-cutter 92 Upravené pred 9 mesiacmi

Similar to boxmaker, this ruby gem generates PDFs that can be used as a basis for cutting boxes on a typical laser cutter. The intention is to create an extensible, well tested, and modern ruby framework for generating PDF templates used in laser cutting.

warp-dir 37 Upravené pred 2 rokmi

Warp Directory – a drop-in replacement (superset to be precise) of the nifty 'wd' ZSH module. This one is written in ruby, and works with any shell.

colored2 (fork) 27 Upravené pred 3 mesiacmi

112M downloads and counting! ANSI colors in your terminal, simple as it can be. An updated and maintained fork of the original gem "colored" by @defunkt


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