i'm a writer that specializes in stories with animal people!

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hello! i'm chris/kit, a 26yo nonbinary (she/they) latinx writer who currently lives in mexico. though i currently live with a family that keeps me (mostly) well-fed, it's far from an ideal situation, and i'm rarely given the money for anything outside of basic necessities.

as for my writing, i have some old stories over on furaffinity, and some NSFW stuff that you can ask about on mastodon/twitter if you're 18+. i mostly write furry content, and could open commissions in the future if there's enough interest.

any donations would go towards improving my wardrobe (preferably with more androgynous clothes), being able to help out friends in need, and with enough support, possibly saving up to move somewhere safer. any help, no matter how small, would be very appreciated. thank you.

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