I like to tackle any job that defines itself as "challenging".

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I am this odd blend of an organic chemist, computer scientist, and philanthropist. Through education and research, I have been part of many chemistry labs from natural products to inorganic metal frameworks to medicinal chemistry. As a result of my research in chemistry, and the majority of my undergraduate friends being software engineers I picked up computer science and took the classes. My time in industry has been through a couple of high-throughput research hospitals, building startup life science tech companies, and real estate.

In my most recent startup at L7 Informatics, I learned how to be the role of a leader, scientist and a software engineer learning how to integrate experiment workflows into our application and also develop software adequate to meet the needs of the customers. I then progressed into becoming a junior development operations engineer to understand large scale cloud infrastructure and developing one from the ground up.

I left the startup scene to revisit organic chemistry and computer science in the context of CHARMM Force Fields under the MacKerell Group in a PhD Program at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy to understand how molecules work.

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