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If you would like to support my development efforts, and help keep alive (including the addition of new features like video sharing, file uploading, and galleries), then you may donate here.

I don't wish to accept more money than is required for server costs. Any excess will go directly to the Trump campaign.

This donation page will remain completely optional, and no features will ever be locked behind a paywall. This is purely a donation, not any sort of microtransaction or product.

I will update my weekly goal to reflect the current hosting costs.

A few things go into this cost:

  • Domain(s)
  • CDN/proxy and DDoS mitigation
  • Servers to host the images and files uploaded to at and, and to process and host videos uploaded, and other smaller sub-sites
  • Backup solutions (both in the event of hardware failure, and the unlikely event of being "cancelled"). I have multiple copies of all data uploaded including copies on my personal file server.
  • Everything is more expensive than it should be if my site wasn't "MAGA" because I've gone out of my way to choose hosting providers & platforms which align with MAGA viewpoints, and most importantly, freedom of speech. I do not wish to support or use services such as Cloudflare which have proven themselves to be unreliable when shareholders aren't happy.

If you do choose to donate, it would be greatly appreciated. Your support means a lot to me.



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