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Prehlásenie was originally created in 2014 by Paul Ford after he had a couple drinks. After an initial flurry of excitement, activity, and cool webpages, things died down.

~deepend and ~benharri, founders of yourtilde and respectively, reached out to Paul in hopes of reviving the original tilde. After transferring existing user accounts and getting things set up on a new machine, we decided to reach out to all the people who have been waiting years for their account. Signups have been re-opened to the general public!

We're comfortably sustainable as-is, but any amount helps to offset our hosting bills :)

See you soon on the tildeverse!


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The /etc/skel directory from the tilde server 548 Upravené pred 7 mesiacmi

Code and documentation for setting up and managing a server

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script for adding new users

gopherhole 2 Upravené pred 1 rokom gopherhole source code.

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user script submission manager

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