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Why I'm asking for funds started in May of 2020 when my favorite instance was shut down for good. I couldn't find any other instance at the time that shared my vision for how a fediverse instance should be run so I made own.

I've been running this instance as a free service on my server from my office. As of now currently has over 500 registered users which is slowly becoming too much for my hardware to handle.

With the funds I receive I hope to be able to buy better libre hardware. Any additional funds I receive will directly go to maintaining and improving the instance.

Also, runs on 100% free and RYF certified hardware and this will not change. You can read about my hardware here.

About シーディーロム【CD-ROM TOKYO】 is one of many places where you can join the Fediverse!

The Fediverse is a decentralized social media platform. All Fediverse instances can communicate with each other with an open standard with no centralized authority. is a general purpose instance with a cool retro theme and without any specific political affiliation. That means everyone is welcome here as long as you're chill.


What makes unique is that it is one of the most accessible instances on the fediverse, not a single group of people is blocked from federating with us and every external user is treated as if they were one of us. I believe moderation should not be done with an iron fist, like through banning and blocking. However things should also not freely run its course, instead unwanted behaviour can be prevented through active and non-violent discouragement. Never use more force than necessary.

About Jiyu Software

Jiyu Software is a company that focusses on 100% free software development. It is currently a part-time project that I hope will one day be a good enough source of income for me to quit my day job.

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