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I live and breathe the Internet. I love video games, both as player and creator. I'm in game development for >10 years. I also run the absurdist webcomicNose Ears” where nobody is safe from ridicule. Overall, I'm a strong advocate for free software and free cultural works.

My projects include:

  • Games for Minetest:
    • Repixture, a peaceful voxel sandbox game
    • Glitch, a short platformer game in cyberspace. Winner of the 2022 Minetest Game Jam!
    • MineClone 2, a Minecraft clone (I left the project years ago; it's now maintained by others as “VoxeLibre”)
  • Created many mods for Minetest
  • Helped Hedgewars, an artillery game, reach version 1.0
  • Tracks for Stunt Rally
  • Translating free games and softwares into German
  • Contributed map data to OpenStreetMap (years ago)
  • Nose Ears, an absurdist webcomic
  • And more! (see my personal website or follow me on Mastodon)

My goal is to become an independent full-time creator of Internet weird while being paid. I am not the kind of person for any “normal job”; I suffer under corporate culture. This is why I am asking kindly for donations.

All donations will go to me, minus the platform fees. The donation goal will pay for my cost of living. Any money beyond that will give me more financial stability to cover surprise expenses. It will also allow me to invest in better hardware.

I still cannot accept donations right now, but I will gladly take any pledges.

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