we can bring utopia into the invisible world

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have you ever played immersive games? when you immerse in the game so much that the outside world disappears, even if only for a moment.

that game, that moment. utopia.

and have you ever noticed in reality how it have so much intrinsically small things built into it, either by humans or not, that it looks like a whole invisible world that we can never get fully aware of?

i have always worked in that part of the real world. like most of us do.

i don't really care if my work will be visible or not, although now i do work to make it so, because i don't need my invisible work for living well anymore.

yet, the time for me to retire have arrived. and if i can get it from society (ideally through liberapay) while living in portugal (where retired people get paid 400 EUR per month in average) or somewhere similar i might still want to move on (or at least travel a bit still) then i can save myself the next 3 years of stress launching my own retirement plan into orbit, and continue with my beautiful 41 years old work! 🥰

because i know, thanks to blindly accepting my enslaved position in the computer programming job market in brazil for over 20 years, that i will never get support from any social security ever. my fault for my blindness.

let the world decide! 😊

(oh yeah, you will find all about my work at just in case you miss the link)

ps: i do have an old and outdated github and gitlab account, even a still active openstreetmaps account, but i rather not promote too much of non-free software (basically, anything that doesn't use #fupl or latest agpl, in short) so i never link them anymore in any prominent place. (use sourcehut instead as of 20220728 and no alternative to osm)

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