The Housing Reparations Group

Housing Reparations Philly aims to secure housing for Black Philadelphians via redistribution.

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Housing Reparations Philly (HRP) is an organizing group in pursuit of reassuring/securing housing via redistribution through the lenses of reparation. The Black Visioning Group (BVG) is the group of Black organizers that leads the group. HRP centers Black Queer/trans/MaGes (marginalized genders), darker skinned, fatter, disabled/different-abled, hood, femmes raised/rooted in Philadelphia.

What is housing reparations? Housing reparations is redistribution of wealth including monies, labor and resources from yt/nonblack and lighter skinned/thinner, able-minded/bodied folks as it relates to housing in efforts to repair the harms/damages that the above mentioned has contributed to existence.

Do you have stable housing? Income? Own a home? Have you ever thought about redistributing money directly to Black people? How about regularly to paying some or all of a Black person's rent? Or co-signing a lease to allow a Black person access to sustained housing? Mutual aid and redistribution of funds are the direct asks to provide reparations for Black community members. If you are a person who's said you want to 'center/uplift' Black voices--now is the time to be accountable to that by acting!


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